Jim Ennes's Seattle Weather Report

The Real Lowdown on the Seattle Daily Downpour

  • The Time and Temperature right now in Seattle.
  • The sunburn report shows why you won't get burned here.
  • See people running in the rain in Seattle. See the black clouds.
  • Seattle Space Needle almost live. See more black clouds. See the wet streets. This is normal.
  • Beacon Hill and the view south as seen from the 68th floor of the Seafirst Tower.
  • KOMO TV4 weather report.
  • KOMO TV4 forecast.
  • The 24-hour rainfall report shows why you have all that mildew in your closet.
  • The four day forecast will keep you indoors.
  • Radar reveals where all the rain is.
  • Rain patterns show where all that wet stuff is headed.
  • The satellite view reveals why it won't be getting any better.
  • Storm Warnings may force a change in your weekend plans.
  • Annual rainfall totals for this part of the state.
  • Detailed discussion by professional prognisticators can be enormously depressing.
  • Dismal detailed data and forecasts can make the picture even darker.
  • More grim atmospheric observations from U Dub should remove any remaining doubts.

    Actually, we like it here. We just don't need any more neighbors.

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    This section was late updated July 13, 2001